Track Down the Termites on Your Property

Track Down the Termites on Your Property

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Termites are silent, sneaky little insects that may not make their presence known until they've done significant damage to your structure. If you're concerned about termites affecting the structural integrity of your Toms River, Colts Neck or Red Bank NJ home, call Daniel Home Inspections, Inc. for assistance. We'll find out if you have a termite issue and help you determine what measures you should take for extermination and prevention.

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3 tips for preventing a termite infestation

The only thing better than finding termites before they cause significant damage is preventing a termite infestation altogether. Here are a few measures to take to prevent termites from infesting your property:

1.Maintain proper ventilation in your crawlspaces to minimize humidity
2.Keep firewood at least twenty feet away from your home
3.Make sure all water is diverted from the foundation of your home

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